Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Michigan Trip, Part 1

                                                                               2 days old


Best ice cream dairy EVER. They had olive oil ice cream, Mexican chocolate and chipolte pepper ice cream, Sunday breakfast ice cream, sooo many crazy flavors.  I, of course, got peanut butter ice cream with oreos and chocolate chip cookie dough chunks. But I did TRY the olive oil one. Very proud of myself. Since us Washingtonians were not used to the heat, we tried every ice cream spot in a 60 mile radius and went for walks early every morning and late each night. There was also a church right next to our hotel with 24 hour Eucharistic adoration - SO spoiled! That is what I will remember most from this "babymoon" with Mr. Bosco - walks, ice cream, adoration, snuggling with Bosconi, and more walks. We got to have some wonderful visits with his birth family when we were there too, which were definitely our highlights - SO special to get to know them better. The picture above the ice cream one is Bosco at 1 week old.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 2 at the Hospital

Meeting Bosco

Dad's first time holding Bosconi. (Yes, we call him Bosconi. Or Bosconian. or Bosconi Biscotti. We don't know what to do with such a short name! So we give him longer nick names. :))

My first time.

I wanted to type out Bosco's story to go with these photos, but since I am the world's slowest one-handed typer, I think I will wait until I get one of those magical days where all three munchkins nap at the same time. :) So instead of making you all wait til then, I'm just gonna keep posting pictures in the meantime. I think you can tell from these how happy and proud we are. :) When we got in the hall way and the nurse knocked on A's door, we both started sobbing. We made quite the sight as we walked in to meet all of them. I thought it was so sweet that Matt was crying as hard as me for once. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Baby Brother!!!

Can you tell what a hit "Baby Brother Bosco" is??? Having a July baby is so much fun! (Adorable 4th of July outfits are from Birth Gma Staci and Randi)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meeting Baby Brother Bosco

The girls ADORE their baby brother. When she first saw him, Verity squealed and hugged and kissed him all over. She immediately wanted to hold and feed him his bottle. She had the biggest glow on her face as she held him. Then after a few mins, she got this panicked look on her face, and said, "He's not talking!!!" :) They both expected him to be able to walk and talk already. :)
            Gethey came in the room after her, and shouted, "My baby brodder!!! He is MINE!" and then we had to install 5 min holding turns. Over and over and over. :) All they want to do all day long is hold him. They fight over who gets to fetch his diaper or pacifier or blanket. When first holding him, Gethey said, "I wanna PET him!" Verity - "He is not a dog, Gethey."
            Gethey ran to give him all of her stuffed animals, so cute. When I put him in the baby swing, Verity pulls a chair over to sit and watch him. Gethey sits on the floor by the swing and sings to him, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." If I take him in the other room, Gethey will run after me crying, "I miss Baby Brother Bosco!" They are both SO tender with him, it melts my heart. They kiss him so softly. When Gethey touches him, her touch is so light she is barely touching him at all, and she gives him the softest pats when she "pets" him. Bosco already turns his head to find them when he hears their voices. They both tell him over and over, "I love you Bosco."
          The joy of seeing my children meet their baby brother, seeing the instantaneous love and sheer adoration they have for him...having all my children in my arms at the same time...well, I didn't know my heart could feel so full. Thank you, A and K, for our sweet son.
                                                           We love you Bosco!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing Bosco Willis Yard

                                                                  Bosco Willis Yard
                                                                       July 2, 2012
                                                                  6lbs, 9 oz, 21 inches
                                                                     100% adorable
                                                                     100% sweet
                                                                     100%  BOY
                                                                     100% loved!

Welcome home, darling boy! You were prayed for, hoped for, yearned for, and we are so happy to have you in our family!

This is the Last Photo of Rooney...

...taken as the baby of the family! She is now a BIG SISTER!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

OMSI, Part 1

Cute. Enough. To. Eat.

OMSI has THE most amazing baby exhibit. They have babies shown for every week of growth in the womb. It was so neat for the girls to see, because they have been giving me weird looks when I talk about babies growing in tummies. They also had a "tummy" they could touch and feel the "baby" inside kick. They loved that!