Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Shoot...

More First Days Home...

Colorado Visit

On our drive home we stopped to show off Juniper to her Great-Grandma Janet and Great-Grandpa Dick, Great- Aunt Theresa and Great-Uncle Greg, and Matt's cousins. We were super excited when we were driving home through Idaho and saw an exit for Juniper Road! So of course Matt pulled over and ran out to take a photo.

Catch up...

So... we take about 10-100 photos a day of our adorable daughters, and when the camera gets full we load them to the computer, where they sit waiting for me to go through them, pick my favs and post them. Now did I mention I have adorable daughters? So I am easily distracted from this work by wanting to play with Verity and hold Juniper when they are awake, and when they are sleeping...well, I still want to hold Juniper. :) Right now I am typing at about 2 words per min, cause I am trying to type as I hold her. :) Anyway, all that is to say I have a ton of photos from our trip and right after we got home that I haven't posted yet, so Juniper is just a few days old in this next set.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meeting Sissy!

Verity ADORES her baby sister. She can't get enough of her. She is constantly running up and hugging and kissing her, and every time she walks by her she waves to her. If she has a cookie, she runs and tries to give "sissy" a bite. Here are some pictures of the two sisters meeting.