Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Food

Both my girls love their play food. Rooney likes to eat what Bucket makes. Bucket's favorite thing to "cook" right now is eggs. She says that she puts milk, cheese, and sugar in them, and then she gives Rooney pretend "tastes" off her wooden spatula. It is the cutest thing to watch.


Bucket came out of her room the other morning while I was making breakfast looking like this. She thought she was so funny. She kept saying, "Baby hat! Me hat!"

Look at Me!!!!

Someone is sure proud of herself!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aunties and Roons


Books with Nama

Last Baby Carseat Photo

Yes, I am a sentimental Mommy. Rooney outgrew her baby carseat at 6 months...she is now in a "big girl" seat, and boy, does she know it! She is pleased as punch every time we buckle

her in. Since she still has to sit rear-facing, she and Verity look straight at each other. Verity spends the whole car ride telling us what Baby is thinking.

Loves "Baby Legs"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Annnnddddd More Books

More Books...

Verity Vleck

Look closely to see that gorgeous hair! It is so worth all the hard work.

Just have to share I am so excited...

Rooney slept through the night!!!!!!!! I thought this day would never come, but last night she slept through the night in her crib, woke up at 7:30, squealing and chirping at her mobile, happy as a clam. I am so happy! And I feel so rested, even though I kept waking up listening for her and worrying that something was wrong. When she woke up this morning I couldn't get enough of seemed like forever since I had seen her...we had never gone so many hours in a row before! Since she was born she has woken up anywhere from 4-10 times a night to eat, usually between 6-8. Three days ago we moved her to her crib in her room which opens into Verity's. I was so worried that they would keep waking each other up at night, but Verity slept through Rooney's wakings the last two nights, which were 2x, than 1x. This is all probably very boring, but I am so happy!!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Stinkin' Cute.

Both girls are napping at the same time today...hence all these posts. I don't know what to do with myself! Oh, yeah, laundry.

First Curls

I took this picture of Sweet Gethy Roon this morning when she fell asleep in her swing after her morning bath. For the first time, when her hair was wet, it really curled!!!

This is her beloved nukie...she can now pick it up and put it in her mouth all by herself. She is very picky, I think I have, um, 11 different nukies for her (they have so many cute girl designs! :)) but this is the only one she likes. When Verity saw that she had fallen asleep in her swing she ran and got this blanket out and put it on Rooney. She is such a sweetheart with her baby sister!

My Birth Grandma Staci Spoils Me!

Rooney is sporting her new spring outfit that she got in the mail from Birth Gma Staci. Not quite spring yet, but I couldn't wait to see how cute she would look. :) Thank you Staci! Verity kept wanting to wear leg warmers too when she saw them on baby, and so imagine her excitement when she and Juniper got ANOTHER package in the mail from Birth Gma, with matching baby legs for both of them! She and I were so thrilled, we were both squealing and Juniper was going crazy too - she wanted to eat them. Thank you so much, Staci, it meant so much to me that you thought of Miss Verity too! I can't wait to do a photo shoot of both girls with their matching warmers...again, I am so thankful for girly girls who love being dressed up as much as their Mommy loves to dress them! At least for now...I am planning on taking as much advantage of it as I can for as long as it lasts, just watch, in 5 years both are going to refuse to wear dresses or hairbows and will want to climb trees all day! :)