Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Day!!!!!

Officially a family. Finally!

Our lawyer.

Our judge. We have on record for future adolescent reference that he told Verity to be a good big sister.

Yippeee!!!! The judge thought it was hilarious that when the lawyer announced Juniper's name change to "Gethsemane Juniper Anne" Juniper grinned her little face off. He couldn't believe tht she already knows her name!

Happy Daddy!

Auntie Jacquelyn and Justin came for her special day!

To My Daughter

My Juniper, My Gethey Roon, My Puddles, My Junie, My Ju-bee, My Juniper Berry Crumb Cake, My Lil' G, My Little Lolly -Poppy -Poo: I love you. I have loved you before you started growing, before your heart beat its first beat. I have wanted you, hoped for you, prayed for you and prayed again, cried for you, wished for you upon a star before you were even the size of a jelly bean. I have been your mommy in my heart from that first phone call that came when I was making your sister and Daddy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. I grabbed the phone with sticky jam fingers, because when I saw that it was THE area code, my heart started beating so fast I could think of nothing else. A Mommy's love is a wondrous is always as huge and wide and deep as the greatest imaginer in the world can imagine, but every day, with every second, it somehow grows wider and deeper and more powerful. It is a love so powerful in fact that nothing in the world can ever stop it. It is like magic: it can never ever grow less, only more. This love is like a superpower - it enables mommies to climb the highest mountains, to swim the deepest seas, to cross the most barren of deserts. You, my sweetest Roon, you are extra special, extra lucky, extra blessed. You have not one, but two women loving you with this Mommy's love. One woman, Miss Randi, is your birthmother. Her love for you climbed the mountain of giving you life, of taking care of you while you were in her tummy, and giving you birth. Her love swam the sea of placing you with me, your forever Mommy, and your forever Daddy and your forever sissy. She looked far and wide and made sure that she found the mommy in the world with the biggest heart of all, who wanted you with the deepest, strongest ache, the mommy who God picked from all eternity to be your mommy who would love you with the most perfect love for YOU ( and that's me!). Her love now crosses the desert of missing you, loving you, and thinking of you, because you will always be in her heart, but she is happy because she knows that you found your way into the arms of the family that God created you for. And me. Yesterday I legally and finally became your mommy forever and ever no matter what what what. Going to court didn't change anything in my heart, but it is an amazing feeling to finally have the whole world and legal system know what you and I have known from the very beginning: I am your mommy and you are my daughter. I love you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Months Old!!!

I can't believe that our sweet Ju-bee is 2 months old! She brings so much light and joy to our day (and night!), its unbelievable. She is the happiest baby...and definately a morning person. She giggles and coos and grins all morning, and will happily watch Verity playing around the room.

She is already a Daddy's soon as she hears his voice when he comes home in the evening, she grins. When she cries, it comes out, "Daaaaaaaaa!!!" She is very active, always kicking her legs and waving her arms. She loves to stick out her tongue and chew on her hands. She already has quite the little attitude and is a liiiiiittttllleee bit melodramatic. :) Every time I look at her my heart swells. We all love her so much! Happy 2 month birthday, baby girl!