Thursday, July 22, 2010


Waiting for the doctor...

Saying "Good-bye" until August!

More Favorites

Playing under the sink...Verity's favorite "hiding spot."

Flying back home...

Sleeping with Mommy...Verity had found her bag of hairbows earlier and had Daddy put every single one of them in her hair. :)


When we first met Randi, she had brought this beautiful bouquet of flowers with my favorite color of ribbon for me, a cute gift set of Almond Joy for Matt, "Bringing Up Girls," by Dr. Dobson, and an adorable sign for the baby's room. We were so overwhelmed by her sweetness, thoughtfulness and generosity. Best of all was the card with the little poem she had written just for us.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Favorites From Visit

Verity's new best friends.


All of us together!!! Our gorgeous birthmommy, baby girly, Me, Matt, and Big Sis to be. (Both girls were sleeping, thanks to the soft rocking of the skyfari)

Skyfari fun

Verity LOVED the petting zoo. She had to pet every single one of those goats.


In the aquarium tunnel. So neat!

Waiting To Meet Randi...

"Are they here yet???"

"I'm so excited!!!"

Meeting Randi

The 5 Girls meet for the first time: Aunt Abbi, Verity, Me, Randi and Baby Girl!