Saturday, June 30, 2012

Children's Museum, Part 3

 The water. Verity loves the feel of the water on her hands. She gets quiet and calm and very peaceful. Gethey almost passed out with joy when she saw they had rubber duckies. She promptly ran around the whole area and 'rescued' each one into her pile.

The face painting. This is a memory I want to cherish forever. The look on Verity's face when we found this corner of the museum. She Went. To. Town. She thought it was make up and didn't want it to wipe away afterwards. Her excitement to put make up on like Mommy was so precious, it made my heart ache and brought tears to my eyes. She has an artist soul like me. I love her so much its hard to breathe sometimes.

She did my face for me too!

Childrens Museum, Part 2

                                      The vet area...picking out a puppy to take care of.

"I love this one, Mommy!"

                                                   Giving her puppy a shampoo treatment.

                                                    Verity checking out her puppy's vitals.

                           It took all three little girls to hold down Grandma's cat for a bath.

Children's Museum, Part 1

My baby is growing up!!! She gets more beautiful every day.

                                                                        The dig pit.

Playing dentist! They thought this was great, and Verity got right in there!

The beloved 'Grocery Store' area. My girls ran around and ransacked the shelves. Gethey at first thought it was all real food and her eyes got as big as saucers.

Gethey was the bagger for Auntie Lu.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Day Photo 2012

                                          Two blessed little daughters and one blessed Daddy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rose Garden

 Gethsemane was so cute smelling the roses...instead of sniffing them, she would jut out her bottom lip as far as she could and stick it in the rose.

                                                                Brother and sister...

                                                             Sweet Verity...

Little Miss Sass...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 We took Auntie Mary to our Zoo!

Stopping for a snack...

Our navigator...

Our silly goose egg...

They loved the underwater exhibit...

               Of course, it started raining on us, so Verity loved walking around with her umbrella...

                                                                       The elephants!!!

Verity's favorite animal at the zoo this visit was the giraffe, and Gethey's was the monkey. Mommy's was the zebra and Daddy's was the mountain lion.

Auntie Mary made this Zoo visit even BETTER!